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Callum's Process...

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Initial Idea

You come up with a brilliant, wonderful, ingenious idea for an art’s project. The idea could be a show that you want to put on a stage, an installation that you want to display, a workshop that you want to deliver - you're the artist, Callum follows your lead.

Creative Enquiry

You get in touch with Callum and arrange a meeting. He personally prefers to meet in a coffee shop (he really likes good coffee), but can be flexible and can meet using video call software.

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Consultation Meeting

You meet and chat through your idea. Callum will ask you some questions about it that will help him to understand why it is you want to do this project, why it is important to you, and how you want to go about turning it from just an idea into a finished product. He’ll explain a bit out himself, and how he likes to work. If he likes the idea, and you like him, then you’ll agree a way that you want to continue working together.

Project Development

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You've agreed to work together, now what? Callum will then work with you to develop your idea into a project that will turn that idea into a reality. He’ll help you connect with other people who will help you, will agree with you a project timeline and budget, and will help you in applying for funding (if the project needs it).

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Project Management and Creative Advice

Assuming you get some money to do the project, Callum will then help manage your project and give creative advice throughout it. Things you can expect him to be doing are giving you creative feedback on the piece/workshop/installation/creative idea that you are making, writing contracts for the people you work with, managing the budget, and facilitating feedback sessions, amongst lots of other things depending on what you need him to do.

Final Outcome

This is the end of the project, when you have made your piece, delivered your workshop, installed your installation etc. Sometimes, it’s just the end of one phase of a much longer project. You congratulate yourselves, evaluate what has happened, and then start thinking of the next idea or move on to the next phase of the project.

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