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Alongside his freelance work with artists, Callum also works within organisations and on his own projects...


What Next Workshops

The What Next Workshops are a series of workshops that Callum designed to support early career artists getting to grips with what it means to be freelance. The series usually consists of about 6 sessions, and they cover everything from how to submit a tax return, to where to find funding, to how to work with a producer. 

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Light Night

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Leeds Light Night is the UK’s largest annual light and multimedia arts festival, and Callum works on the festival as a Creative Producer. His work has included the programming and management of the Street Entertainment and Parade elements of the festival, as well as producing specific projects featured in the festival, such as 2021's Nature at Night installation commissioned by the British Library.


Light Night Leeds 2021 .

Leeds Dance Partnership - Open Day

The Leeds Dance Partnership Open Day was a free event designed to welcome audiences back into the dance venues of Leeds following the COVID-19 pandemic. It had everything from performances, to workshops, to talks, for a wide-range of ages and experiences. Callum worked on the event as a Coordinator, supporting the programming, planning, and delivery of the day. – Supporting dance in Leeds and beyond

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