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Producer Training Programme

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Every producer is different and works in the way that best suits them and their skills. This programme is designed to provide you with a strong foundation of skills and support to help you discover what kind of producer you are.

This programme is for people:

  • Based in, or who have strong ties to, Leeds

  • Have limited experience of producing and are keen to develop their skills

  • Interested in producing the work of other artists

The programme will include:

  • 1 to 1 Mentoring and support from Callum Holt

  • Industry Chats with other Producers

  • Opportunity to shadow the delivery of Light Night Leeds 2023

  • Support and a budget of £5500 to put your new skills to use and produce a small project in collaboration with an artist (you can choose the artist or Callum can support you in finding someone)

  • 5 Skills Development Workshops:

    • Creative Producing and Working with Artists

    • Delivering a Project

    • Arts Fundraising

    • Planning a Tour

    • Marketing and Audience Development

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Practical Details

For participating in the programme, Callum is able to provide:

  • £115 for each training workshop attended

  • £20 for each mentoring session and industry chat

  • Support with travel costs

As a part of the small project you produce, you will be encouraged to factor a fee for yourself in when planning the budget (you will be supported in doing this).​

Key Dates:


Through the programme you must be available for Skills Development Workshops taking place across venues in Leeds on the following dates:

  • Thurs 5th October

  • Mon 30th October

  • Thurs 2nd November

  • Tues 7th November

  • Tues 14th November

Application Process

To apply, please send the following to Callum at by 5pm, Tues 5th Sept 2023:

  • a C.V​


  • either (a) a cover letter no longer than 2 sides of A4 or (b) a video or voice note no longer than 5mins that contains why you are interested in the programme and how you think it will benefit you, and a description of an art work (theatre piece, sculpture, film – anything!) that you have seen recently that really spoke to you outlining why it had such an impact.

Callum will endeavour to reply to everyone who applies no later than Saturday 9th Sept to let them know whether they have been shortlisted for interview.


If you think you may need additional support to participate in the programme, Callum will be able to provide that for you, just let him know in your application.


Feel free to contact Callum if you have any questions about the programme, or about whether the programme is right for you. He is more than happy to arrange an informal chat

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